Information & Interactivity

Encoded Objects is a collaboration between artists Jonathan Rockford and Michael Hadley that explores our connection to the environment through the lens of technology. Our investigations start with artifacts or recordings from the environment that then lead to abstractions where the invisible and the visible often swap roles. We combine our varied experiences by merging the physical and digital realms of artmaking into unique forms - from inflatable sculptures to projection mapped video installations.

Artist Bios

Mike Hadley is an artist, software developer, and educator based out of Chicago, IL. Mike works and teaches at the intersection of art, technology and science. With training in both Art and Computational Neuroscience, he supports his art practice with a mixture of critical & technological skills. Mike is interested in revealing hidden systems and probing their implications - whether it is the process of genetic engineering caffeine into food or excavating the heated arguments between Wikipedia editors.

Jonathan Rockford lives and works in South Florida. With a background in sculpture, ceramics, fine-woodworking, and fibers processes, he is also intensely interested in the confluence of the physical and digital in our daily lives. Jonathan teaches part-time, and can be found listening to audiobooks & podcasts while working in the studio, cultivating his butterfly garden, or lounging with feline friends.